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Free Quilt, Crafty, My Tablet Weaving and SAFF

Thought I would drop in and let everyone know that Free Quilt has some new quilt patterns on their awesome site of hundred or more free quilt patterns…   I’m using the little snowman clipart to remind myself that … Continue reading

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Please Get Permission….

I have put several free patterns that were created by me  up on this site.  They were uploaded with the thought in mind that others might like to use them.  If they are  used  for personal use… that’s great.  If they are … Continue reading

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NanoEffects…. Free Knitting Patterns

It’s been a busy week around here. What with trips around Texas and Oklahoma, there has been little time for anything other than enjoying the pleasure of visiting with our son and daughter in law. Since they live way up … Continue reading

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Tour de Fleece… Fini!

I made it… I finished all the chocolate merino pencil roving last night.  It is now Navajo plied (3 ply) sport weight yarn.  Finished last night was 316 yards to add to the almost 300 yards already done. While I … Continue reading

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Tour de Fleece

It’s time once again for Tour de Fleece to begin on July 4th.  I have decided to join in the fun this year and since Katherine says to set our own goals…  mine will be to finish spinning that pesky flax … Continue reading

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My Computer Crashed…sigh

Well, so much for the terrific homecoming…lol  Oh well… I wanted a new one anyway.. I just hope that our pc guy can save all the favorites and photos.  Hopefully this will only take a couple of days, but if … Continue reading

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Wonderful Vacation…Grandma’s Spinning Wheel in Tucson, AZ

We are home at last from two weeks of vacation.  Tired and happy.  We got to see that wonderful new grandbaby, Hannah, and what a little beauty she is… Of course there is no way I could be a bit … Continue reading

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New Wool… at last… (free scarf pattern)

We made a trip to Durant yesterday and replenished the wool supply.  I love to go to Ozark Carding Mills, LLC … the only problem is that I can spend us into bankruptcy in just a few minutes…lol  The cotton … Continue reading

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Weaving, Card Weaving, Naalbinding and Knitting…Busy, Busy

I finished the blue cotton weaving I did as place mats and  decided that I like it better as a runner.   I didn’t wash it in the washing machine, but I did handwash it in very hot water and soap, … Continue reading

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Naalbinding Lace

I really love naalbinding, but I get tired of the solid (but very warm) pieces of fabric that it makes.  I’ve seen a lot of things…doilies, tablecloths, etc… that have shown up on the net that are lacy and wonderful…and … Continue reading

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