Crocheted Slippers 

Ribbed Crochet Slippers


This “try” was done with Homespun and acrylic yarns from my stash.  I will continue to try to come up with the pattern that I saw years ago, but here is this one if you want to give it a try.

This pattern will fit approximately size 7 to 8 women’s.  I used a size H crochet hook.  Size can be changed by increasing or decreasing the beginning chain and the number of rows crocheted or by changing the size of the hook you use.

 Using one strand of Homespun and one strand of acrylic yarn held together and worked as one,

  • Chain 22 .

  • Row 1:  sc (single crochet) in back loop only of 2nd stitch from hook and each stitch of remaining chain , ch (chain) 1 and turn.

  • Row 2: sc (single crochet) in back loop only of each sc across, ch (chain) 1 and turn.

  • Repeat Row 2 for 20 rows.  Bind off leaving an 18 inch length of yarn.

Insert the dangling 18 inch length of yarn into darning needle and working across end of rows, use a running straight stitch to gather the end of the block into a tightly held circle and backstitch one time to hold; then working up center, stitch up the top of the opening approx. 4 inches. Bind off. 

Using either yarn you would prefer, thread the darning needle and sew the back of the slipper together, making sure to secure thread tightly at beginning and end.  Weave all ends into slipper.

For the ties, I took one strand of the Homespun yarn approx. 48 inches long, folded it in half.  Holding the folded end around my finger and the loose ends in my other hand, I began to twist the end held around my finger in an over and over motion.  As the yarn twists it will try to twist back around itself, so you must continue to move the right hand down the yarn until there is a good twist on all of the thread.  Bring both hands close to each other and the yarn will twist upon itself and form a cord.  By placing a knot at each end of the cord, the twist will not come out.  I then wove the cording in and out of the top of the slipper and tied with the bow. 


  1. Bev Wing says:

    Hi there. I have tried many times to crochet slippers. Have even cried a time or to. But I have no luck. I’m 65 on a fixed budget, so this would be nice for the kiddies Xmas. Nice for the old folk to.

    But the patterns with all those abbreviations throw me. Some body needs to write them out in English for the seniors. This is all fine for the young ones.

    So I don’t think I can make some in this life time

    Thank you for being so kind

  2. Linda S. says:

    Hello Bev,

    I have inserted into the pattern the written out instructions for the abbreviations. I hope this helps.

  3. Pattern for crocheted slippers looks like what I have been searching for. I have one question, what size crochet hook do you recommend?

  4. Rose says:

    You didn’t mention hook size. Will any size do? Thank you for the pattern.

  5. Sandi says:

    What hook size and can i just use one stran of 4 ply worsted yarn or do I need to double?


  6. Sophia says:

    I was searching for a crocheted ribbed slipper pattern that I saw when I was a child. We had an elderly neighbor who had R A and she would crochet many different things. One of them was these ribbed slippers. I wasn’t sure how to make them. Your instructions were so helpful. Thank you. “Slippers for Everyone!”

  7. i can’t find the rest of the instructions to this pattern. please help. thank you.

  8. Linda S. says:

    Hi purplegaljl88orilampe…
    There is no more to this pattern so I am wondering what part you are looking for.. If you could be more specific about what you need, I will try to help. ;o)

  9. Hi i am so sorry i have sent this to wrong blog. Thank you for responding so quick. i love your slipper pattern. My kids feet are going to look good and be warm x-mas morning. keep up the great work and have a merry x-mas and a happy new year! thank you.

  10. Sherry says:

    Do you have instructions for children’s sizes, mainly 9,10,11?

  11. Sharron says:

    I want a slipper pattern that is not gathered at the toe with a draw string

  12. Joan says:

    I have made these for years & to do the ties I just crochet a chain 75 for ladies size & these slippers are very easy to make any size you want by just changing needle size for babies ,child , ladies & men

  13. Joan says:

    forgot to say for babies I make a chain of 15 & size 3 mm hook ..ladies size 9.. 550mm hook I chain 28 & mens 33 size 6mm hook

  14. Del says:

    What do you mean by binding off?

  15. Cheryl says:

    I’m new and can’t read patterns I need to see how to do it 😦

  16. Cheryl says:

    Can I use just 1 stran of yarn or does it require 2?

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