At Last… Free Plans for the Large Loom and more…


Several years ago I made a floor size loom that could either be used as an inkle loom or a card weaving loom.  I found the pattern for that loom online and linked back to it only to find later that it had disappeared.  Well… recently the author of those plans contacted me and I am happy to announce that it was “Mahee of Acre”… who also states that his mundane name is Russell Husted.  It is with great thanks for the pleasure this loom has brought to many people that I give Russell credit for the work he posted.

That is not the only loom plans that Russell posted on that site. It’s well worth a visit to the site he pointed me to where you will find plans for other looms.  The link is here:

I especially love the plans for the standing tape loom and would love to see it made.  If you do make any of these looms, please let me know  and if possible send a photo so I can share it with others.. 🙂

Thank you again, Russell Husted, for sharing with us.

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Sunbonnet Sue and Sam

I had a question asking if I have seen  a pattern for an adult “Sunbonnet Sam” to go with Sunbonnet Sue.  I have seen what I think is one at this site… Free Applique .. I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for Nancy, but this is the only one I know about.   It’s here on this page… Sunbonnet Sue  .. On the Sunbonnet Sue page there are also patterns for Sitting Sunbonnet Sue and Sam.  This is the only site I have found that has the sitting patterns.

Hope you enjoy these.. 🙂

Staying cool under the air conditioner here in North Texas as the heat index reaches 103°… 😦


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Recycle/ Reuse and Make a Placemat

We finally found some sheets with pockets deep enough that the fitted sheet would stay on the bed… only took 5 years.  🙂  That left us with several sets of sheets and while most will given to a good cause, a few will be used to make placemats… and maybe even a rug.

You may remember that I posted last year about these Love and Money Lap Looms.  I pulled them out of the closet a while back, cut one of the sheets into 1″ strips and wove some placemats.  They are a perfect fit for our supper trays and I love them!   They’re very strong and sturdy.


While I had the looms out I also made some coffee rugs (or could be used as hot pads).


I tried different things with the smaller loom.  By mixing different colors of fabric a whole new look could be accomplished.  The blue is made from wool that just didn’t quite work out while I was trying to spin an art yarn.   I have to say… I love these looms!

If you noticed on the photo of the placemats, there is a large piece of fabric left over from the sheet.  Here’s the apron made from it.  🙂



I do love it.  It fits perfectly and is heavy enough fabric that even grease will not soak through.  Love that.. 🙂

If you look in the upper left corner of this photo, you can see where our tiny Katie photo-bombed … lol  She and her larger partner in crime Sam are our little loves.. 🙂

Well, summer is well on its way to normal here in North Texas.  Hot, hot, hot… and I must get up and around and go water my flowers before the sun gets so hot.  Have a wonderful day today .

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Quilt Backing

I found an area on ebay that sells sheeting fabric up to 108 inches wide.  I was actually looking to see about (perhaps) making my own sheet sets… but… I ordered enough to do the backing of my Disappearing Nine Patch quilt and will see what the quality is like.  It is coming from Watts, OK so it should only take a day or two for the trip.  This is what it looks like… and I ordered 1 yard (not thinking that it takes 3 yds.. duhh)  of each color and then realized my mistake.  I then went back ordered 3 yds. of the cocoa color.  Can hardly wait to see what it’s like..

Well, I had to come back and edit… forgot to add the link!!  so.. here it is..



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Disappearing Nine Patch Update


It’s coming along… I need to take another photo.  I have added wide sashing around the quilt top and may add one more.  Then it’s ready to see if I REALLY want to try to quilt it on my sewing machine.

I think my get up and go got up and went without me.. 🙂   I am finally back up to snuff after my surgery of December 2… but my energy level is nil.  Spring is on it’s way after a very warm winter so perhaps it’s just Spring Fever.. 🙂


I’ve ordered several new spindles… some supported spindles, some drop spindles..  from the Spanish Peacock.   This is an Elizabethan Historical reproduction spindle for spinning silk.  I have wool on it in this photo because I couldn’t wait to try it out and wool was the handiest thing.. 🙂  I love it.

If you get a chance, hop over and check out The Spanish Peacock.  He has tools for spinning, nalbinding, lucets, and card weaving.   There are new things showing up almost every day.. 🙂



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Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt

It must have been a year ago that I ordered 10″ Layer Cake packs from Craftsy and then sat and looked at them for a long… long… time trying to decide what I wanted to do with them.  So I took 9 of them and made a 9 patch square and that was ok but not what I wanted.  Then I cut it into quarters and loved the look… so off I went.


I love the way it looks.  Today will be the lay it out on the bed to see what layout looks the best.  I really wish I had a felt design board, but have no room in our new house for one.. 😦  Sometimes I really MISS our house…


These blocks will be 13 ½ inches when sewn together.  After laying them out and checking what is what I may decide to add borders around each block… we’ll see…

It’s been a beautiful, warm week here in North Texas.. and that means February will probably be a beast.. 😦   But we really need some cold weather… our flowers can’t decide whether they should bloom or what..

Have a lovely day today..


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It’s New Year’s Eve…

It’s New Year’s Eve… It almost makes me sad that another year has flown by as if it were rushing to catch a train.  I remember sitting in Sunday School Class in the 7th grade and someone was talking about the year 2000… I was thinking “Oh my gosh.. I’ll be 52 years old!”  Unbelievable.. lol

I read somewhere that I’m supposed to sweep the house from the back to the front, out the door and out into the road.  Well.. perhaps that won’t get done … I don’t know about everyone else, but I truly love to hear all the old superstitions of days past.  Who knows.. perhaps they were more than superstitions….


Sometime back I bought a new Janome sewing machine.  I knew it had alphabet programs, but I had never tried them.  Well, yesterday I did.  And I love them.  These are quick little tissue and phone covers that whipped up and then decided to try the alphabet.. and it worked!  They are a little difficult to see since I didn’t change to a dark colored thread, but if you look.. you can see it. 🙂  I had an embroidery machine at one time that would do letters and monograms, but I never figured out how to do sentences.  Well, now I can.  🙂


Last summer my friend Pat L. and I went to a new little shop here in town and decided to make our own yarn bowls.  Lo and behold.. they didn’t have anything to use as a mold.. you had to use a flat piece of clay and built your own any way you could.  So I made the little snakes like you made back in Summer Bible School.. remember.. ?? .. and then used a piece of plastic to smooth it out.  It didn’t come out too badly.. 🙂


Well, I’ve spread this post out and it has taken the entire day to do.. 🙂  It’s now 5:18 pm and I have supper cooking and my honey all sprawled out in there in his easy chair.   The weather here in North Texas is supposed to stay in 40s and 50s for the next week so perhaps we can get out and do some things..

Thank you… all of you have followed me through all the years.  Have a wonderful, happy, safe New Year..

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