Quilt Backing

I found an area on ebay that sells sheeting fabric up to 108 inches wide.  I was actually looking to see about (perhaps) making my own sheet sets… but… I ordered enough to do the backing of my Disappearing Nine Patch quilt and will see what the quality is like.  It is coming from Watts, OK so it should only take a day or two for the trip.  This is what it looks like… and I ordered 1 yard (not thinking that it takes 3 yds.. duhh)  of each color and then realized my mistake.  I then went back ordered 3 yds. of the cocoa color.  Can hardly wait to see what it’s like..

Well, I had to come back and edit… forgot to add the link!!  so.. here it is..



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Disappearing Nine Patch Update


It’s coming along… I need to take another photo.  I have added wide sashing around the quilt top and may add one more.  Then it’s ready to see if I REALLY want to try to quilt it on my sewing machine.

I think my get up and go got up and went without me.. 🙂   I am finally back up to snuff after my surgery of December 2… but my energy level is nil.  Spring is on it’s way after a very warm winter so perhaps it’s just Spring Fever.. 🙂


I’ve ordered several new spindles… some supported spindles, some drop spindles..  from the Spanish Peacock.   This is an Elizabethan Historical reproduction spindle for spinning silk.  I have wool on it in this photo because I couldn’t wait to try it out and wool was the handiest thing.. 🙂  I love it.

If you get a chance, hop over and check out The Spanish Peacock.  He has tools for spinning, nalbinding, lucets, and card weaving.   There are new things showing up almost every day.. 🙂



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Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt

It must have been a year ago that I ordered 10″ Layer Cake packs from Craftsy and then sat and looked at them for a long… long… time trying to decide what I wanted to do with them.  So I took 9 of them and made a 9 patch square and that was ok but not what I wanted.  Then I cut it into quarters and loved the look… so off I went.


I love the way it looks.  Today will be the lay it out on the bed to see what layout looks the best.  I really wish I had a felt design board, but have no room in our new house for one.. 😦  Sometimes I really MISS our house…


These blocks will be 13 ½ inches when sewn together.  After laying them out and checking what is what I may decide to add borders around each block… we’ll see…

It’s been a beautiful, warm week here in North Texas.. and that means February will probably be a beast.. 😦   But we really need some cold weather… our flowers can’t decide whether they should bloom or what..

Have a lovely day today..


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It’s New Year’s Eve…

It’s New Year’s Eve… It almost makes me sad that another year has flown by as if it were rushing to catch a train.  I remember sitting in Sunday School Class in the 7th grade and someone was talking about the year 2000… I was thinking “Oh my gosh.. I’ll be 52 years old!”  Unbelievable.. lol

I read somewhere that I’m supposed to sweep the house from the back to the front, out the door and out into the road.  Well.. perhaps that won’t get done … I don’t know about everyone else, but I truly love to hear all the old superstitions of days past.  Who knows.. perhaps they were more than superstitions….


Sometime back I bought a new Janome sewing machine.  I knew it had alphabet programs, but I had never tried them.  Well, yesterday I did.  And I love them.  These are quick little tissue and phone covers that whipped up and then decided to try the alphabet.. and it worked!  They are a little difficult to see since I didn’t change to a dark colored thread, but if you look.. you can see it. 🙂  I had an embroidery machine at one time that would do letters and monograms, but I never figured out how to do sentences.  Well, now I can.  🙂


Last summer my friend Pat L. and I went to a new little shop here in town and decided to make our own yarn bowls.  Lo and behold.. they didn’t have anything to use as a mold.. you had to use a flat piece of clay and built your own any way you could.  So I made the little snakes like you made back in Summer Bible School.. remember.. ?? .. and then used a piece of plastic to smooth it out.  It didn’t come out too badly.. 🙂


Well, I’ve spread this post out and it has taken the entire day to do.. 🙂  It’s now 5:18 pm and I have supper cooking and my honey all sprawled out in there in his easy chair.   The weather here in North Texas is supposed to stay in 40s and 50s for the next week so perhaps we can get out and do some things..

Thank you… all of you have followed me through all the years.  Have a wonderful, happy, safe New Year..

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Catching up… The Blue Quilt

It has been so long since I’ve blogged consistently that I find many things I’ve started blogging about and then never followed up… One of those things is my Big Blue Quilt.  I finished the quilt top and then it sat in my sewing room for about a year.. 😦   Finally decided on an all cotton quilt batting, bought the lining and took it to my Aunt Sue (she has a long quilting machine.. 🙂  )  It came back lovely.  And warm.  We used it last winter on the coldest days and didn’t have to have any other blankets to stay warm.


I’ve spent the last several months doing watercolors.  The rash that lasted almost 2 years  seems to have run it’s course.. (fingers crossed here!)  I stayed out of my craft room for almost a year and did very few projects with my wool or other fibers.  We never did find a definitive answer to what caused the rash… 😦  Here’s a couple of my watercolors..

SnowHouseGclee SnowSledding SnowyRedBarn

But I’m back to working with my wool and no sign of rash (she says.. quietly..) so hopefully that episode is over.

This is definitely no time to be recuperating from surgery.. 😦  Christmas is near and still have much to do.  The weather continues to hold quite warm for this time of year… just hoping it stays that way until I can get out and do some shopping.. 🙂

Have a lovely day…


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Mystery Wool… Kool Aid Dyed

Finally beginning to feel more like myself after surgery on the 2nd.  Yippee!   Had some mystery wool lying in my closet that I finally got out my spinning wheel and made short work of…  but then had surgery so the yarn has been just sitting there looking at me for 2 weeks making me wonder what in the world I’m going to do with it.. sigh

Yesterday I went thru my kool aid stash and found that the most prolific was ice blue… ughh  I have enough ice blue to knit a coat.. 😦   So I decided to use 1 yellow and 3 orange to see what came out of that.  Well… it seems that this wool was REALLY ready for the dye.  As I poured it in the color just slurped up into that wool and the water was immediately clear and guess what… I now have a very variegated yarn..lol


I’ve thought about dyeing it again using another yellow to even out the color, but I’m not sure I want to do that.  I think it would make a lovely woven scarf on my Kromski rigid heddle loom.. hmmm

Beautiful day today.  I know I should have had these daffodil and tulip bulbs in the ground way before now… but    Perhaps they will make today.  If not .. I have been promised tomorrow at the latest.  🙂

Have a lovely day..


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Naalbinding… again

I have some friends who would like to learn to naalbind.  As a result I decided I’d better re-learn the basics…lol  When my young granddaughter in law was here I found that I couldn’t remember how to start.. 😦   ughhh

Sooo.. I finally found the video uploaded by  PittyOm  showing the basics of the Oslo stitch.  Even though it is entirely in German, the steps are so  easy to follow that the language is unnecessary.  You can find it here..

The next thing I did was order several naalbinding needles from The Spanish Peacock…  (you’ll love his site!)   DSCF4511

Then I decided I had better try to make something..lol  So here is a cap nalbound with the Mammen stitch (also called the Korgen Stitch) … In the video by  Neulakintaat  found here.. I learned that if I pick up the F1 stitch and then add one old stitch, the stitches hold closer to one another.  I’ve done the Mammen Stitch for years, but find that picking up that one old stitch makes such a difference in the sturdiness of the finished project.

This was done with some yarn that has been sitting in my closet for quite a while.  It was spun so long ago I can’t remember the kind of wool… I just remember that it is the most gloriously soft and springy wool I have ever spun.   (Aside from some new wool that came from New Zealand with my Malcolm Fielding Purse Size Tibetan Spindle.

The weather here in North Texas has been gray all year.. 😦  We had the worst flooding (I mean bad enough to take out entire streets in our city), then a wet summer and now a warm, wet late fall..  We need the rain, don’t get me wrong.  But.. it makes for a real need for sunshine (she says until the hot days of August roll around again..lol)

Wishing everyone a true Christmas Holiday…with lots of family and friends..  Hugs..

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Yarn from Alaska..

Son and daughter in law vacationed in Alaska this summer and while there sent me some lovely alpaca yarn.  I worried it around a bit and finally decided to make him a hat for this winter.   I’ve found that not only do 2 color hats look pretty, they are also the warmest since there is actually a double layer of yarn.  This is what I came up with…

KnitCap If I could only figure out how to make my decreases fit with the alternating colors, I would be a happy camper… 😦  Anyway, I thought I would finally graduate to doing the Kitchener stitch like everyone else and do it on the inside of the garment… well… no…  Never again…   I managed to drop about 5 stitches turning it and then had to turn it back again.  🙂   I won’t try that again.  I think perhaps the old decrease down to 5 or 6 stitches and then pull up tight and knot it will work just fine.. 🙂

It’s a beautiful day in North Texas today… Youngest son is here and we are about to go renovate the front flower bed..  Lots of work in store.  Can’t wait.. Really hate what it has turned into since all the flooding in the spring and the dryness since then.   Had to remove all the roses from the north side of the house because they ALL developed rose rosette.. 😦  Can’t plant any roses back because it stays in the ground with any left over roots … so replaced them with crape myrtle and some regular shrubs.  Will be pretty when they grow a bit, but sure miss my roses… 😦

Have a wonderful day..  🙂

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Knitted Edges… Who Knew? and Free Knit Patterns

Wandering through Pinterest this morning since I woke up.. got up.. at 4am.. ughhh  Anyway, I came across the most exquisite way to edge knitting!  I’ve always done tKnitEdgeshat thing that everyone teaches us to do… slip the first stitch to make the edges look “neat”.. and most of the time it works.. sort of.   But take a look at this site and the edges on this knitted lace.   Wow!  Oh.. in my excitement I forgot to say where..lol  Here it is:

The site is called 1884 Knitted Lace Sample Book.   And in this article on “Knitted Lace (Wide)”  is the way edging your knitting was done back then.  Instead of slipping the first stitch, knit across the row, bring your yarn forward and then slip the last stitch purlwise.

While you’re over on the site, check out the free patterns.  I love them.

I love this.  It would seem that when making socks the pickup for the heels would be so much easier since these stitches are so symmetrical.  Who knows… but you can bet I’ll be using this on my next pair of socks.  🙂

The Sweet DH is still in bed, Katie (the tiny, black poodle) is still in bed with him, but Sam (the larger apricot poodle) always has to get up with me.  He is so funny… lots of hugs and pets, then back to bed in his fluffy bed here in the office.  It’s now 7:16 and I just heard the beeps of the coffeepot turning itself off.  I must hurry to get my second cup.. 🙂  Have a wonderful day.. 🙂

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Over-the-arm-of-the-chair Sewing Organizer

No, I haven’t given up on the table runner.. 🙂 .. still doing some hand quilting on it.SewingOrganizerforChairArm


But…  this is a gift that I was going to send for Christmas that just didn’t make the cut of things to do.. sigh..   I just could not get into the Christmas spirit this year and that’s a terrible thing.  Anyway, I’m into this now and will have a tutorial in a few days about how to make this.

Temps are a little warmer for the next few days.  Enjoying that.. 🙂  Have a wonderful day, everyone!


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