Simple Knit Baby Hat w/ Pom Pom

Simple Baby Hat w/ Pom Pom

This is my first knitting pattern.  It is such a simple knit that I’m sure this pattern has been used to teach children to knit since time immemorial.. ;o)   I am posting it as a simple pattern to help beginning knitters learn that just by using the simple knit and purl stitch they can make something not only useful but lovely.

What you need:  

 Sport weight yarn (12 wpi),  about 100 yards… I used Baby Bee that I bought at Hobby Lobby.  It comes in 4 oz. skeins and I only used about 1 oz.  You could probably get at least 3 little hats out of one skein.  ( This includes making the pom pom.)

 Knitting Needle set of 4 double points…. size 3

Darning needle…  any size with an eye large enough for the thread to go through.

Scissors… to cut the thread

Cast on 92 stitches.  Divide onto 3 needles with 28 stitches on the first needle, 36 stitches on second needle, 28 stitches on 3rd needle.

Row 1:  Being very careful not to twist the stitches,  K2 P2 around all stitches… place marker to show beginning of round.

Row 2 thru 6:  K2P2 around.

Row 7 thru 45 (or about 5 1/2 inches):  Knit every stitch.

To begin the curve at the top of the hat K2tog around for 3 rows.  There should now be 7 – 9 – 7 stitches on your needles.   Leaving stitches on all needles, cut the yarn about 12 inches from the needles.  Thread tail of yarn onto a darning needle and begin to thread back through each stitch on the needles until all are removed from the needle.  Pull yarn tightly to pull the top of the hat together.  Take several small stitches in the hat to fasten the yarn tightly.

Attach pom pom to the center of hat.

Pom Pom instructions here.

5 Responses to Simple Knit Baby Hat w/ Pom Pom

  1. RJ says:

    Exactly what I was looking for, to make one more baby cap from this skein I bought for PURPLE HATS. Thank you!

  2. Sewsew Cutie says:

    Thank you, I’m a newbie and want to learn to knit in the round and make baby hats for charity. This looks like a pattern a newbie can follow.

  3. Susan Miller says:

    would it be possible at all for these free patterns to be put on a pdf file so that I could make a copy to keep?

  4. Linda S. says:

    I don’t know, Susan. I have never tried to put anything up using pdf files, but I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to try to learn.. ;o) I’ll see what I can do…

  5. Marie Ahern says:

    I need directions on how to make a pom pom

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