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Free Knitted Shawl Pattern.. Bev’s Country Cottage

Back in 2006 when I was trying to learn to knit I found this pattern and decided I could do it.  I knew how to knit and purl.  This looked easy enough.  And it was.  If you have a newbie, … Continue reading

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Knitted Sock Repair How-to.. from Cookie A

Cookie A Sock Club … I have to admit to finding this wonderful sock knitting club on Pinterest.  By following a link back from a  tutorial showing how to repair big holes in those precious hand knitted socks I found … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Thimble… again and Split Rail Quilt Wins

I’m in the process of making the quilt for our bed… but in the evening I’m doing a little hand quilting on a small one that I started ages back.  Hand quilting without a thimble is a bit disconcerting to … Continue reading

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Free Quilt Patterns

I’ve decided to finally make that quilt for our king size bed.  It has only taken me about  8 or 9 years to really decide to do something about it.  In the process of making this decision I looked all … Continue reading

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Craft and Fabric Links .com … free patterns

We may still have 98° temps here in North Texas, but it won’t be long before that chill in the air begins.  I’ve been giving some thought to those cold feet I get in the winter that seem to resist … Continue reading

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Mamie Jane’s

If you are into upcycling .. like me.. this is a great site for you to scan through…. Mamie Jane’s I love the way she took wire and a tiny piece of board and made a Christmas ornament hanger!  Take … Continue reading

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Ingram Arts and Crafts Show … more stuff

  I’ve been working on a selection of different styles of handwork to show at the Ingram Arts and Crafts Show in Tupelo, OK on Sept. 22, 2012.  The photo shows a pocket weaving board warped with hand spun wool … Continue reading

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Ingram Arts Show, Tupelo, OK

I have an aunt and uncle (twins) who turned 80 years old this year.  My aunt has wanted to have an art show in honor of my grandparents for years.   There is a lot of talent in the family and … Continue reading

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Julia’s Place… free tute for making wired ribbon pansies…

I’ve been going to Julia’s Place   for as long as I’ve been blogging.  My goodness… could that really be 6 years!  In the process of looking for her mini-tute about how draw your own pattern for metal clasp eye … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Yarn Swift…

Back in the previous incarnation of Fabric Follies Two … called Fabric Follies .. I posted a link to Crafty Diversions .  At the time I was just learning to spin and was so fascinated with her free tutorial for making … Continue reading

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